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We had a lot of leftovers from Thanksgiving. We finished most of them by Tuesday thank goodness! I like leftovers - I don't have to cook. Original don juan 3a excuse me 2c miss b haven. Thank you for your reaction!❤ SHINee is the best!❤ Please continue to react to them.🙂. See junghyun u did well. 😀. Another great vlog! Peanut loved your warm chair I'm sure. 😆 Brett, are you going to candle day tomorrow. Original don juan: excuse me miss song. Gh original don juan: excuse me, miss. Onew who sang Blue ( 3 on your 2018 top ten list) is Shinee's leader. I recommend Symptoms and Please don't go, a duet by Onew and Jonghyun from Shinee World V. Pls react to Shinee-like a fire @shinee world III seoul.

You're absolutely hilarious😂😂😂😂😂. 1:01 How am I only now realizing that he has a lisp. 😂. Leftovers is definitely an American thing. I only hear Americans talking about it. I tend to cook fairly closely to what we need so there is no need. I have also noticed Americans like to tax leftovers away from restaurants. That always makea me laugh as its not really done here. Love this song I would love someone to spot me like that in a club. As many times as Ive listened to this song over the years, I never noticed he had a lisp until yall said sum 😭. I would love it if you guys reacted to their Stranger song in Shinee world IV. It was amazing. Shinee- Like a fire. Thank you for another great reaction! Always curious for what all of you got to say. As for SHINee, I can definitely recommend reacting to some more of their R&B-leaning singles such as Love Like Oxygen, Married to the Music, 1 of 1. the list just goes on and on, really! Their discography really has so much to offer.

Original don juan excuse me miss remix. Love your reaction! Will yall please react to some of Jonghyuns solo music? The title of his posthumous album, Poet Artist, is so accurate in describing his talent. For mvs, I would say Crazy, Deja Boo, She Is are good to start. For non title tracks, I would recommend Diphylleia Grayi (my fave song by him and it is sad) Moon, Take The Dive, Let Me Out, and Elevator (also on the sad side. Making me wanna say whattt. Shinee are the kings of performance live. I wanna see the whole tour Super recomendable. Original Don Juan: Excuse me, miss sunshine. Original don juan 3a excuse me 2c miss solved. Wow on that amazing burn on the beignet candle If only they all or majority were like that one. Original don juan: excuse me miss video. I clicked the like button before I even watch the Thank you! They are legends.




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