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Drama. 1262 votes. Brief Shreyas Talwalkar gets admitted to a college where he meets DSP, a rookie guy in the college who is the leader of a gang, after sometime they become good friends. There is also another gang leader Sainath who has rivlary with DSP. Meanwhile Shreyas sees Shireen a newcomer girl and falls in love with her at the first sight. Dsp is having an affair with Surekha who is studying in his college. When a guy tries to propose Surekha, DSP beats him and during this fight, Shreyas gets caught by Inspector Inamdar and gets slapped by him. when Dsp and his gang sees Inamdar's daughter Meenakshi in the college, they plan to avenge Shreyas by making Meenakshi fall in love with Shreyas. Their plan succeeds but Shreyas doesn't love Meenakshi, while Shreyas and Shireen are in love with each other. Shreyas is suffering from somekind of Nasal disease. Surekha gets married and DSP gets completely broken. Shreyas comes to know that Shireen's marriage is fixed with Sainath. Meanwhile Shreyas tells Meenakshi that he loves Shireen and not her. While Shireen's marriage is going on, Shreyas and DSP's gang reach their and after a fight with Sainath, Shreyas and Shireen run away to get married. After some years of their marriage, Shreyas dies due to his disease. The story continues in flashback and present situations. Year 2013. Creators Chinmay Mandlekar

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Very rarely you come across a film like this – where you get all the elements of movie genre – Comedy, Action, Romance, Emotion, Drama, Thrill... and fortunately the movie is able to exhibit all these elements at its finest. The detailing, background score & music also needs a special mention, along with editing, choreography & cinematography. The whole package gives you an awesome experience. I had watched this movie 3 times & found it refreshing every time. If to be compared with any Hindi movie, I think this one fits into the caliber of 'Dil chahta hai' OR '3 idiots' No Less then 10/10. Just Enjoy.




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