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  2. actor Whitman Johnson
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  4. Slasher Night is a movie starring Jafeth Garcia, Angie Velazquez, and Whitman Johnson. A Manny Velazquez underground slasher tribute about a number of serial killers on the loose in Chicago and begins a murder spree
  5. creators Manny Velazquez

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The camera work was interesting. The plot didn't really interest me for the full running time. I suggest filming something someone else wrote. We destroyed them all! 💪😄. Damn, 4 a second there i thought he was finished b 4 he started, 4give me, lol. Hope i wasnt the only 1 who thought that. Bad ass chick, i like😉 good film guys i liked it 👍. Army of darkness. GET IN MY BOOMSTICK. If Final Fight and House of the Dead went home together after drinks (with Castlevania recording the whole thing.


I feel like this should turn into a movie it would be cool to see this happen. 43:33 man it that the Pillar man ? But just normal right. One of the goriest beat em up in game history. My first time hearing about this game. The only problem with this film is you show more of the girl, and not enough of Spock as Michael Myers. other than that I loved this very much please make another one with Spock as Michael Myers. So is no one going to mention how Jake kinda looks modeled after The Ultimate Warrior. GREAT GAMEPLAY MAN. Lajk ko dolazi sa klipa od Magicnog. That Resident Evil movie soundtrack heheeh, cool game btw.

Songs are great and also the entire game. Actors names. Someday someone will release an amazing Never Ported To Home collection and this will be on it and I will buy 10 copies. Never heard of this game. RUS) Always admire your videos! ENG.



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