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Writed by Chris Foster Country USA Genre Documentary Year 2017

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Ok. Chan in black hair guys. Did u see Chan in black hair? Chan in black hair. I mean Chan in black hair. CHAN IN BLACK HAIR I'm dead. Onces here to support our new babies. This is gonna be super. Btw: The concept remind me a lot of Blade Runner (both movies) so stop being so stupid and leave this kids alone.

This is too good and too expensive to be an April fools, but too stupid to be real. “They say we were all born different, But why does it feel like were all the same? Us, brainwashed into the same system, They expected perfection, A sign. an omen. a... a GLITCH” Okay we need to add yet another thing to a list of descriptions of them: Talented Amazing Singers Awesome Rappers Incredible Dancers Brilliant Personalities Fantastic Acting Skills And now, Poets.

Dedicated to a luck with the debrief man... OMG such a bore fest, every moment of this film dragged on and on. It was like watching a Ryan Gosling stare for an eternity.


7M views all because of the thumbnails, Wellplayed.


Why are they wearing white? I thought their concept was dark. Think back to Changbins' I LOVE Dark. Why Not. Me before watching this: i swear if this kids ride with their bikes im gunna- Me after watching this. Oh my. are you in this the ‘gether? As a Scottish wifey, I love this.



Liam Gallagher - Why Me? Why Not. (Collector Edition.


You're given the option to drop what you have and return to 12/31/2011 as yourself at that age, but with the extra 8 years of experience. Do you take it? Why or why not.






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Who is here after Westbrook to Houston trade

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Watched this a year ago glad it appeared again in recommendations.
This a serious throwback c.

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Why Not?
7.8 stars - Halilintar Evan

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