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Amazing story of an amazing guy, we could all learn from his example. Resonates my soul. Crazy how the Chicano tagging style made it's way to the rez, we are the same people just different culture. Its so beautiful because they put this much effort into supporting the journey of every. single. girl. Just shows how much regard and respect they have for womanhood, which stands in stark contrast to so many cultures all over the world. The Nephilim built the Pyramids check out The Book of Enoch. Be strong Apache People, the Creator has a Master Plan. You will come back stronger than you were before. It is almost time. It is written on the wind. aho. IT MAKES ME SAD THEN IT MAKES ME MAD SO MUCH HOW THIS GOVERMENT HAS FORGOTTEN THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALL THE LIES THEY WERE TOLD IT MAKES ME CRY I'M ONE FORTH NATIVE.

Good job everybody 😁 l saw everything you did😁 I'm very proud of you 😁 keep up the good work 😁 you're the best of the best of the best 😁. I'm proud to be native american ✊🏽💪🏽. 10:54 When the man catches a party favor- is that an ice tray. This was one of the best challenges I have ever seen. Liam Pace tough sssssooooooo good.

I now know less about the pyramids and how they where built... 😐 impressive.


The whole Edwards aquifer recharge zone needs to be cleared of water stealing cedars as well. Too many tree huggers don't understand reality. Karl is a dentist. He did a dentistry degree because it got him the title of doctor faster. The guy pushes pop sci of the worst kind.

Your voice is levetating my finger to the dislike button

The true Americans. I don't understand why the government would ban these traditions. They're not harming anyone or the land and it's such a great example of community and tradition and culture. Watching this video,being native I've lost my culture after losing my father,I struggle now everyday trying to get back what I have ignored by my father and this video hit home bcus I struggled with substance abuse for 37 years trying to mask the pain,clean and sober now 3years and searching for the past and trying to pass it on to my kids. I'm is it me or does the narrator sound like he has a cold.


When it showed the locket with their pictures in it, I just said sadly Stop. out loud alone and started crying Goddammit I didn't think a song could make me so sad. YouTube: No views Also YouTube: 102 Likes. Still at the first five seconds and Im already emotional. This song takes me back to every scene especially the closing credits.😞 but defintely my favorite movie and favorite song.

Oki, i just discovered this And I fvckin' love it.




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