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Genre Crime

Audience score 392 votes

Jeremy Luke

directed by Kamal Ahmed

Kamal Ahmed

Last Update: Wednesday, 01-Jan-20 22:04:36 UTC

A Thousand Times More Brutal 2012



This is a good story, which I could identify with growing up in NYC. The characters had depth and were woven together well in the storyline. There is realistic dialog, gritty action, some really great scenes and intense anticipation of "what happens next. Kamal does not disappoint in this film... a creative must see! The story works on multiple levels, both informative as we get exposed to the gangster world and also engagingly as we watch the rise of childhood friends from nothing to great heights only to lose it all again ending in brutal revenge. Revenge is undeniably "1000 Times More Brutal, and can stand in the midst of similar mobster films like Goodfellas. We do leave feeling as though we've known these characters for years and feel their tragic end. 1000 Times More Brutal" delivers a realistic look into the brutality of mob scene, the cast gives strong performances and packed with loads of fast-paced action and anticipation that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.




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