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YouTube. I veneti sono i migliori 😂. Io imparo a vivere tu imapara a guidare hahahaha🤣🤣🤣. IO IMPARO A VIVERE TU IMPARA A GUIDARE ! Con questa frase hai vinto tutto. Rider review jack dauth. 3:30 io ho paura della mia vita😂 credo tutti 😂. Dai continua con sti video! Il veneto con l' r3💪🏻. Sei un po troppo attaccabrighe. 13 Posted by 9 days ago 2 comments 93% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by level 1 1 point 6 days ago Holy fuck. level 2 Original Poster 3 points 6 days ago At least itll be camouflaged in the fire youre throwing it in. More posts from the PlebeianAR community Continue browsing in r/PlebeianAR r/PlebeianAR A place where tasteful, informed consumers point and laugh at the people who waste their money. 1. 5k Members 11 Online Created Jul 14, 2018 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Top hah : io imparo a vivere e tu impara ha guidare. XD hahah. GRANDE JACK mi sono iscritto appena ho sentito: impara a vivere e te gli hai risposto: impara a guidare. tanta roba hahahahaha. Ti sei cagato in mano. Che fesso che sei! Impara a vivere e a guidare ha ragione ahahaha! Pisellino sono morto. Ciao, vorrei esprimere la mia opinione su ciò che è successo. Tu avevi ragione sul fatto che non ti stava dando precedenza nella rotonda, però secondo me sei passato nel torto nel momento in cui gli hai fatto dei gesti. Lui ha ragione su tutto ciò che è successo dopo, perchè tu ti sei fermato, successivamente dicendo che non avevi paura ma ti allontanavi. Non per forza lui voleva arrivare alle mani, anzi, mi è sembrata proprio una persona tranquilla, e ti ha pure detto che secondo chi avresti trovato al posto suo erano ca* i. Io al tuo posto avrei suonato il clacson quando gli eri sotto, avrebbe capito di aver sbagliato e magari una seconda volta che vedeva una moto prestava più attenzione. Anche a me è successo che mi tagliassero la strada e magari dentro di me ero un po' arrabbiato, però è fondamentale mantenere la calma, anche perchè attaccandosi a vicenda non si risolve nulla. Buona strada ✌🏻 Alberto.

DAI ammettilo un po di caga l hai avuta hahaha😍

Rider jack johnson. I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio drama series that came out in September, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? Note, new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction. Listened to any of them that you would recommend? 1/1: Ataraxia (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: The Extinction Level Event of 2030 destroyed over three billion lives but corporations arose from the ashes to save humanity. Gog, the most powerful of the corporation rules from their stronghold of Gog Colony. They have formed a pseudo-government of peace and have spread it to other colonies under their control. The drug Ataraxia is used to control their populace and eradicate all human emotion. From their secret base, The Sanctuary, an insurgency has risen up to bring Gog down but Gog has dedicated the Department of Reform to destroying the insurgency. This is Ataraxia. RSS Feed: 1/1: Down (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: Down is a 24-part science-fiction series about an expedition into a newly-discovered Antarctic trench, dubbed The Bottomless Pit. The company-backed research submarine Virgil is elegant, state-of-the-art, and capable of withstanding enormous pressures. The same cannot be said for her crew. RSS Feed: 1/1: Fire Bird (Drama - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: A labour of love for its writer, Fire Bird weaves together different renditions of the phoenix story with established Slavic folklore to tell a unique version of the legendary birds tale. Inspired primarily by Yakov Polonskys childrens fable, ‘A Winter's Journey (1884) which sees a rider seeking out the immortal Koschei the Deathless, and orchestrated with key themes from ‘The Firebird Suite by Igor Stravinshi (1910) it draws heavily on the translated works of Alexander Afanasyev in ‘Narodnye russkie skazki (1855) which were included in ‘The Red Fairy Book (1890. 1/1: Green Mountain Mysteries (RPG - Urban fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Burlington Vermont: 3AM, New Year's Morning. A ghostly ship crashes on the shore. When magic and mystery engulf the town, can a rag-tag group of monster hunters work together to ensure that this new year isn't humanity's last. Listen, they're not exactly experts. RSS Feed: 1/1: Manic Mysteries (Drama - Mystery) Site: Synopsis: Manic Mysteries is a dramatic detective series set in Freedom City, an urban metropolis blending film noir, steampunk, and a touch of fantasy. It follows the case files of the Dick and Jane Detective Agency with the gruff and no-nonsense Robert Stone and his eccentric partner Styx. Together these two detectives-for-hire, unravel unusual mysteries of murder, magic, and mayhem. RSS Feed: 1/1: Relying on Benjamins (Drama - Musical) Site: Synopsis: Created by Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller, Relying On Benjamins is a scripted musical podcast about two best friends, Benjamin Feyler & Benjamin Ozwald, and their dashing canine companion, Ashton, who embark on an epic musical adventure. Ashton, being one of the most beautiful dogs people have ever seen, soon gets discovered and hired as a client at VonWinkle's Talent Agency for Dogs in New York, with the Benjamins as Ashton's handlers. They deal with relationships, money, marijuana, and a rival or two along the way. Anything can happen with the Benjamins! They have no clue and neither do you! RSS Feed: 1/1: Shadows of Saint Fleur (RPG - Urban fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Shadows of Saint Fleur is an Urban Shadows actual play podcast. The story takes place in the fictional Great Lakes city of Saint Fleur, which is rife with supernatural activity and all the politics that accompany that. Follow our five characters throughout their misadventures in this climate. RSS Feed: 1/1: The Disappearance of Cedar Hills (Drama - Crime/Mystery) Site: Synopsis: Broadcasting from The Orion Theatre, Orion Radio presents The Disappearance of Cedar Hills. Join us as we dive into the long lost tapes of famous Private Investigator, Thomas Larson as he explores the mysterious town of Cedar Hills. RSS Feed: 1/1: The Lonlee Town Chronicles (Fiction - Mystery) Site: Synopsis: Lonlee Town is a quiet, quaint town located in the mountains of California, with beautiful forests, quirky townspeople, and a missing citizen. RSS Feed: 1/2: Story LAB (Fiction - Anthology) Site: Synopsis: 1VK1 Radio's Story LAB is a fiction podcast that takes the most fascinating original stories and brings them to life in an innovative audio experience. RSS Feed: 1/3: Favored Terrain (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Favored Terrain is an independently produced actual play podcast about seven friends on the adventure of a lifetime. RSS Feed: 1/3: The Dark Titan Audio Experience (Fiction - Thriller) Site: Synopsis: The official podcast of Dark Titan Entertainment. Featuring short stories, micro stories, and more across the Dark Titan realms. Stories told by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II. RSS Feed: 1/3: What the [Bleep] Happened to Breezy Blue? Drama - Crime/Mystery) Site: Synopsis: In 1961, bawdy Breezy Blue was the Paula Revere of the Sexual Revolution. Then she disappeared. Was she murdered? Kidnapped? Join us as we attempt to solve a decades-old mystery: What the [Bleep] Happened to Breezy Blue? RSS Feed: 1/3: Y2K (Drama - Slice of life) Site: Synopsis: Y2K tells a story of love, identity and long-distance friendship. It is set in both 2000 and 2020, through old voicemails between two friends and the present-day student who turns them into a podcast. RSS Feed: 1/4: Chronopasta's Story Time (Fiction - Horror) Site: Synopsis: Horror shorts personally written by yours truly. There will also be releases of my Book. The House That Jack Built. Episodes of Creature Feature has started. RSS Feed: 1/4: StoryTime with Jolie LeSuire (Fiction - Urban fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Enjoy original and compelling story telling narrated by the author herself. RSS Feed: 1/4: Strahdo Mojado (RPG - Horror) Site: Synopsis: Strahdo Mojado is a Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition actual play podcast. Count Strahd, dread lord of Barovia, is having guests for dinner. And you are invited. Brought to you by Wet Maynard Productions. RSS Feed: 1/4: The Phone Booth (Drama - Superhero) Site: Synopsis: 15 years ago, a girl named Beca Orlofsky stepped into the sky and exploded. Over the course of the following week, 99% of every living human on the planet gained a super-power. Now, podcaster Joe Pollard travels the world, interviewing people who went to sleep ordinary and woke up as something else. RSS Feed: 1/5: Dice on the Table (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Dice on the Table is an Actual Play Podcast that uses role playing games as the engine of our story telling. Join Tyler, Melissa, Matt and Noah as we journey on Epic adventures. For our first season we will be using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. RSS Feed: 1/5: Omen's Call (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Omen's Call is a heavily edited, d&d actual play podcast set in the world of Midgard by Kobold Press. It follows the conflicts and struggles of the "Ill Omens" a band of mercenaries in the frozen Northlands. It focuses on inter-party conflict and a well thought out journey through the myths and legends of the Norns. RSS Feed: 1/6: Dark Softly Tales (Fiction - Horror) Site: Synopsis: Dark Softly Tales is a weekly podcast of horror, suspense and dark fantasy stories written, produced and narrated by Mav Skye. The podcast will host dark fiction by guest authors and occasional interviews. Eventually, we will add additional weekly episode of true tales of the supernatural and fantastic. RSS Feed: 1/6: Facing Fate (RPG - Anthology) Site: Synopsis: Welcome to Facing Fate, an anthological audio fiction actual play podcast. What does that mean outside of being amazing alliteration? It means when you subscribe to Facing Fate, you will find 2 – 10 episode seasons every year in the Facing Fate feed. Each season will take you through a different setting, different genre, and different characters going through thrilling, exhilarating and maybe hilarious collaborative stories. RSS Feed: 1/6: The Town of Clearaid (Drama - Horror) Site: Synopsis: The Town of Clearaid" is about the city of Clearaid, home of the two-year curse. Clearaid was once a Native American village but the people were displaced from their homes during the trail of tears. In anger, the elders of the displaced people placed a curse (known as The Curse of Tears) on the land. Crazy events would happen to people over time like disappearances, deaths, madness, etc. 1/7: Tales from Ka'Tar (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Welcome to Tales from KaTar, a homebrew actual play TTRPG, set on the Continent of DivArk. After having escaped the Clutches of the Drow and finding their way out of the Underdark, with the help of a Drider, Edit a Gnome Rogue (Matt) Erin Woodsbane an Elven Druid(Sam) and Sinara Steelskull a Minitor Paladin (Kyle) being their first Adventure. Join us as they discover a world full of wacky magic and oddities, with their very own guide Stoute Cap A. K. A the DM (Harnam. RSS Feed: 1/7: Triple Six (Drama - Thriller) Site: Synopsis: A Texas couple head for Las Vegas to rekindle their marriage. An underworld element kidnaps the wife and forces the husband to play twisted games to win her back. An ensemble of 50 voice actors, along with an array of ambient background, music and sound FX all work together to bring this roller-coaster ride of a suspense thriller to life. RSS Feed: 1/8: Midst (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: When youre starting a new life for yourself on an otherworldly frontier, the last thing you need is for the moon to fall out of the sky, reality to eat itself alive, and heavily-armed interplanetary bureaucrats to decide to murder you. Unfortunately, it's just one of those days. Midst is an ongoing dramatic audio series performed for the enjoyment of your mind's eyes and your heads ears. New territory awaits. RSS Feed: 1/8: Wander (Drama - Horror) Site: Synopsis: An unregistered mobile app, mysterious deaths across the country and a young woman's search for answers. RSS Feed: 1/9: Murmurs (Drama - Anthology) Site: Synopsis: Theres a crack in reality and somethings breaking through. Episode 1 of a new 10 part series of mind-altering audio drama, from some of the best new drama podcast writers. RSS Feed: 1/9: The Call of the Void (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: The Call of the Void is a science-fiction/mystery audio drama exploring a supernatural being in the swamps of New Orleans. RSS Feed: 1/9: The Gothic Podcast (RPG - Horror) Site: Synopsis: Gothic is a humor-and-horror actual play podcast wherein our travelers negotiate a world of Gothic ruins as well as the spookiest places in a Contemporary Now. RSS Feed: 1/9: Toku King (Fiction - Superhero) Site: Synopsis: In a future world where kaiju run rampant, one hero must use relics from the past to protect the human population that still remains. Toku King is an audio drama that pays homage to the tokusatsu and kaiju media of the past that has inspired so many creators. RSS Feed: 1/10: Chronicle (Drama - Fanfiction) Site: Synopsis: In the 25th century, humanity has become far more diverse than once it was. Consider how things change when the majority of the species have never set foot on planet Earth? 1/10: Novitero (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: Banished from her home due to a mistake that cost her half her family's fortune, Princess Cesaleza is left with a choice: find a way to make up the lost funds or leave her home forever. When a raid unites her with a group of wanted criminals, Cesa creates an unlikely alliance with the crew. RSS Feed: 1/11: Doctor Who: The Claws of Death (Drama - Fanfiction) Site: Synopsis: In a new timeline and with a new body, The Doctor faces a foe he hasn't fought in years. 1/11: Role 2 Forge (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Hello there! This is Role2forge, a channel in which we educate and entertain in the Tabletop Role-playing game space. We are a group of friends trying to do something that we simply love to do and taking you along for the journey. We generally focus on individually and small press published systems and settings, and interviewing those who create them, to enhance and better understand our discipline! RSS Feed: 1/11: Utopia Cola Horror Anthology (Drama - Horror) Site: Synopsis: It is the afternoon of April 18th, 1958. Opening day of the first ever Los Angeles Dodgers game. As a freak springtime storm rolls in, a young mother sits by herself in a beautiful home in Pasadena. Alone. Feeding her child and listening to the game. That's when a mysterious salesman knocks on her door RSS Feed: 1/11: Valence (Drama - Urban fantasy) Site: Synopsis: In the city of New Candler, magic is scarce by design. A tech mogul wants to keep it that way. And a magic user wants freedom. Welcome to New Candler, cultural epicenter of the United States. RSS Feed: 1/13: Mergedworlds (Fiction - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: After 30 years of running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns I'm happy to share with you the story of Mergeworlds. Based on a world I originally created in 1994 and have been growing and adapting since, this tale spans several generations and tells the story of two brothers and a group of mysterious magical artifacts which eventually leads to a climactic event that will reshape the entirety of reality. The aftermath creates an unlikely group of heroes left to figure out how it happened, if it can be fixed and is there a way back home. RSS Feed: 1/13: RPG Radio Show (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: On this show, a group of actors will shape an epic, fantasy tale. Each chapter––every interaction and every combat is improvised. The success or failure of those interactions and combats are determined by dice and the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Dont worry, you dont need to know any of those rules to enjoy the show. Just know that each character has a specific set of abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and in some cases, powers. Their abilities, combined with the dice they roll determines their success or failure in each instance. RSS Feed: 1/14: Ain't Slayed Nobody (RPG - Horror) Site: Synopsis: We are an actual play Call of Cthulhu RPG podcast set in the Old West. Chaosium's Down Darker Trails is our foundation for scenarios. We blend humor and horror with an emphasis on sound design and role playing. RSS Feed: 1/14: Knights of Roleplay (RPG - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: This is an actual play, fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. RSS Feed: 1/14: Nexuswatch (RPG - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: Nexuswatch is an Actual Play podcast set in the Savage Worlds System. Join us on our journey as our unlikely heroes attempt to navigate and protect the multiverse from literally anything the mind can dream up. RSS Feed: 1/15: Love & Paranoia (Drama - Thriller) Site: Synopsis: Joanne Roth, a happily married woman, just got an immensely disturbing phone call. The caller, who is too scared to reveal their identity, warns Joanne that her new husband, Damien, is a highly manipulative psychopath who killed his last wife and evaded capture by outsmarting an entire doesnt make sense to Joanne—Damien has been everything shes ever wanted in a husband. Has he been convincingly lying to her the last two years, or are the anonymous callers claims legitimate? She must figure out soon, because she is about to give birth to their first child. RSS Feed: 1/16: Discount Dungeons (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: A DnD 5e actual play podcast following the adventures of Anastasia, Atudak, Kuckaw, Skizzix, Stacie, and Zara. RSS Feed: 1/16: Grease Valley Radio (Drama - Post-apocalypse) Site: Synopsis: When Money stopped working I started recording! Big Boy Balli here to keep ya safe in this bumblefuck of a wasteland. Hear about the latest news, recipes, smoking tips & quest spots! RSS Feed: 1/17: Dark Matter Podcasts (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: Please Save the Space Bees is a three-part science fiction epic podcast! RSS Feed: 1/17: The Reclaimers (Drama - Education) Site: Synopsis: The Reclaimers seek to help survivors of emotionally abusive relationships move on with their lives. Set in the near future, where emotional abuse is appropriately deemed a crime, some humans have developed an empathy superpower, enabling them to reform the justice system and provide support to survivors of such crimes. RSS Feed: 1/17: The Rock (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: A Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast by members of Full Fathom Productions at Emerson College. RSS Feed: 1/17: Their Last Story (Fiction - Horror) Site: Synopsis: Short Story Horror Podcast, written and Read by Chris Schell. RSS Feed: 1/18: Seren (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: Seren is a new sci-fi fiction podcast. Seren is sent away from her home on a mission to terraform a new planet. An eight part series following her journey across the stars, as she deals with the reasons that caused her to be sent away. RSS Feed: 1/18: Shattered Sky (RPG - Post-apocalypse) Site: Synopsis: Shattered Sky is a long form actual play podcast using Cypher System, set in a home brew fantasy world. Our story takes place roughly a century after a series of apocalyptic events that unleashed monsters, spread a plague and broke the sky. Join players Nathan Kiss, Steph MHC, Markus Maes, Claudia Jacob and GM Lauren Bond as their characters work against the oppressive forces of the corrupt government and try to change the world. RSS Feed: 1/18: The Redrock Podcast (RPG - Western) Site: Synopsis: FROM THE BUSTLING AIRWAYS OF CYDONIA, TO THE RUGGED FRONTIER. The REDROCK Podcast is an actual play podcast in a homebrew setting for Fantasy Flight's GENESYS. RSS Feed: 1/19: Truncheons & Dragons (RPG - Crime/Mystery) Site: Synopsis: Join Phil and his band of merry co writers as they try and write their own episodic crime novel, despite reading & writing very little; but how hard can it be really! Each episode will see the pencil changing hands as someone new will take control of the next chapter, giving them alone full control over storylines, cliffhangers and the fates of our characters … honestly whoknows where this whodunnit will go! Welcome to Truncheons & Dragons, the interactive, role playing, comedy-crime-thriller podcast! RSS Feed: 1/20: Aerde Tales (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Aerde (A-er-de) is a fictional world created by Hunter Looney. The planet of Aerde shares some aspects with our world but there are also many differences. There are many of what we on earth call "mythical creatures" in this world and magic exists as well. Humans also are not the only people that populate this world, there are many different sentient species (ex: Centaurs, Dragons, etc. Aerde Tales will follow the path of the adventurers as they make their way through this world. RSS Feed: 1/20: Benlunar (Fiction - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: A fantasy story podcast suitable for all ages. Follow the exciting journey of Lilian Lausanne and the town of Benlunar told week by week. Every episode is a new chapter that contains mystery, magic and music. Download for free today and begin your audio adventure. RSS Feed: 1/20: Digital Sky (Drama - Science fiction) Site: Synopsis: An anthology podcast series in the tradition of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone. Experience twisting tales about the apps that control our lives and the power of social media obsession! Prepare for movies of the mind, performed by some of the best Hollywood talent and hottest social media influencers. RSS Feed: 1/20: The Familiar (Drama - Anthology) Site: Synopsis: The Familiar is an anthology audio fiction podcast series. In each story, our narrator - Leo136 - tells a tale that at first listen seems expected, yet is anything but. From science fiction to fantasy, history to horror, The Familiar reveals the unfamiliar in the everyday. RSS Feed: 1/21: Bag of Holding Podcast (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: A podcast of actual play RPG stories. Join the players as they adventure through the various stories and RPG systems available. RSS Feed: 1/21: Endless Vigilance (Drama - Fanfiction) Site: Synopsis: In the area of space known as The Courtyard, a Federation ship traverses the stars, patrolling the borders between three civilizations. Its mission…maintain peace, and to remain ever watchful in Endless Vigilance… RSS Feed: 1/21: Have Monster, Will Travel (Drama - Buddy Comedy) Site: Synopsis: Meet Riley and Render. Roommates. Best friends. There's just one small hitch. Riley is a young career-focused woman with a little bit of burnout and Render. well, he's a monster. When Render admits feelings of sadness over not knowing who he is or where he comes from, Riley makes a bold choice: find his family, whatever the cost. RSS Feed: 1/23: Crunchy Dragon Treats (Drama - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Crunchy Dragon Treats follows our brave adventurers as they chance and stumble their way through the world of Nestrana. A world where magic, mystery know the rest. RSS Feed: 1/23: Halfwits & Failed Crits (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: An actual play podcast from the creators of Halfwit History! Join them and their other halfwits as we bumble through Dungeons & Dragons, Stars Without Number, and more! RSS Feed: 1/23: Sonic: The Fate of Mobius (Drama - Fanfiction) Site: Synopsis: TFoM is a Fan made Audio Drama Based off the 1993 Sonic The animated Series by DIC Entertainment, made to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion. Thirty years after the Robotnik Empire has fallen, what's old is new again as the twin children of King Sonic Hedgehog and Queen Sally Acorn play together in the beautiful city of New Mobotropolis, racing and munching on chili dogs to their hearts' content. 1/24: The Jade Bracelet (Drama - Musical, Asian American) Site: Synopsis: Current Season: An original musical about the Asian American experience that isn't The King & I or Miss Saigon & is actually written by an Asian person! RSS Feed: 1/25: Cubones & Catacombs (RPG - Fanfiction) Site: Synopsis: We are a 5E DnD Campaign set in the Kanto Pokemon Region! We offer weekly episodes that alternate between storyline and discussion. RSS Feed: 1/25: Radio National Fictions (Drama - Anthology) Site: Synopsis: The ABC's place for creative audio fiction from Australia's best writers and emerging creators. Thought-provoking writing and sumptuous sound design. RSS Feed: 1/26: Isle of Misfit Rolls (RPG - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Welcome to the Isle of Misfit Rolls! A D&D 5E actual play podcast based in a home-brew world of Virtes, where 5 death row inmates are forced to save the world from being overtaken by Darkness. Whether you're a Gnome Barbarian, or a Goliath Wizard, all are welcome on the Isle of Misfit Rolls! RSS Feed: 1/27: Passer Vulpes Presents (Drama - Anthology) Site: Synopsis: Passer Vulpes Presents is a collection of assorted short or one-off audio pieces produced by Passer Vulpes Productions outside of our longform shows. Soundscaped poetry, audio drama vignettes, short stories and more can be found in Passer Vulpes Presents. RSS Feed: 1/27: The Underwood Collection (Drama - Horror) Site: Synopsis: The Underwood Collection is a 5 season, 50 episode narrative detailing the supernatural happenings of and around The Usher Foundation, Washington, DC. Lurking behind the individual statements, though, are the private affairs of Head Curator Ulysses Bamba as well as the Curatorial and Archival staff, when the personal meets the horrific. The Underwood Collection is a derivative, non-canonical, fan-made project derived from The Magnus Archives. RSS Feed: 1/28: Missives (Drama - Horror) Site: Synopsis: A piano bar entertainers travelogue on board Wayfarer Cruise Lines second-largest ship, the Paradise. A tale of horror, madness and mystery on the high seas. RSS Feed: 1/28: On Wish Mountain (Drama - Fantasy) Site: Synopsis: ON WISH MOUNTAIN is an epic series about men and women cursed by a magical storm. The only way to remove their curse is a dangerous journey to the top of the great Wish Mountain, a seeming impossible task that no soul has accomplished in a thousand years. RSS Feed: 1/29: Hit the Bricks (Drama - Fanfiction) Site: Synopsis: 100 years after L. Frank Baum's saga that began with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Gale Family Farm sits abandoned in what's left of the great Kansas prairies. After her parents' messy divorce, Jessi Hugson and her mother move to Dorothy's old neighborhood for a new beginning. Things were already off to a shaky start, but when Jessi and her cousin Wallace find a jewel-studded bracelet in Dorothy's front get twisted. Twister'd, even. RSS Feed: 1/29: Temujin: An Audio Drama (Drama - Historical) Site: Synopsis: Fallen aristocrat Jamukha is surrendered to the camp of his sworn brother and rival, Genghis Khan. Told from Jamukhas perspective on what might be the last night of his life, TEMUJIN: AN AUDIO DRAMA tells the story of two young warlords caught between empire-building and tender brotherhood. RSS Feed: 1/29: True Tales of the Illuminati (Drama - Comedy) Site: Synopsis: True Tales of the Illuminati is about conspiracies. Ah, yes, conspiracies- where the strings of history are carefully pulled from behind the scenes to dance for the powerful like a puppet. In True Tales, the powerful are less puppet-masters and more. finger puppet-masters. At best. RSS Feed: 1/30: The Antique Shop (Fiction - Urban fantasy) Site: Synopsis: Maya needs a job, she find one in an old antique shop owned and run by an enigmatic woman. Reality begins to crumble and nothing is ever what it seems. RSS Feed: With thanks to u/ezgo22 for their contributions. Previous months are available here: And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here.

Rider jacket women's.

L'hai spento malissimo al minuto 3:40

Io imparo a vive re Tu imapara a guidare 😂😂😂.

Io imparo a vivere tu a guidare

So pissed! So I took my two dogs for a walk this morning. I have a lab/ malamute cross and a Jack Russell. Malador not on a lead coz hes a gentle giant and Jack was leaded. We came across two horses along with their owners on their back. My big dog went to say hello and had a little sniff but the horses stopped moving. One of the riders said ‘are you going to just let your dog sniff our horses. I said ‘you should just keep moving and pass him, hes not wanting to cause harm. With that my Jack started barking at the horses. He was on a lead. The other rider then said ‘why are you just letting your dog bark like that. I said ‘ just ride through. So they gave me a big mouth full and said that I couldnt control my dogs. They started moving, shouting back ‘and you dont even apologise. I am so annoyed. How do you stop a dog barking. They should have just walked passed us and there wouldnt have been a problem.

Rider jackets for women.


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Pale rider jacket. Long rider jacket. Easy rider jack nicholson indians quote. Io imparo a vivere tu a guidare. grandissimo 😜✌🏻️. Troppo forte la frase : io impara a vivere…. Tu impara a guidare! 😂. Ma sei del trentino k sento che parli dialetto simile al mio. Sei veneto. anche io. 1 1 Posted by 1 day ago I would prefer Mega Knight but either is fine comment 100% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the ClashRoyaleTrade community Continue browsing in r/ClashRoyaleTrade r/ClashRoyaleTrade Clash Royale is an awesome mobile strategy game. Use this sub to organize and find card trades with players all over the world. See the sidebar below for formatting instruction and enjoy your stay! 7. 2k Members 19 Online Created Sep 5, 2018 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Io sarei andato muso a muso... Rider jacket philippines. Io imparo a vivere? tu impara a guidare! hahahahahahahahah grande. Non ti ha tagliato la strada, e hai esagerato mandandolo a fanculo. 3:42 WOOOOOOO WOMBO COMBOOOOO. Rider jack black. Io impara a vinere tu impara a guidare hahaha😭😭😂😂 troppo forte.

Io imparo a vivere, tu impara a guidare frase fantastica

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Rider jacket yamaha. Post requests for the padorus you'd like to be made. Remember to search if there's already a padoru of the character you want. As a side note, people frequently ask for a padoru template, you can use this, this or this (for boys) Hiiragi Kagami, Tsukasa Kagami and Takara Miyuki [Lucky★Star] Keiko Yukimura, Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho) Germany(Hetalia) Espurr, Charmander, Pichu, Morpeko, Bea(Saito) Pokémon) Chrono Shindou (Cardfight Vanguard G) Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos) Drizzt DoUrden (Forgotten Realms) Illidan Stormrage, Jaraxxus (Warcraft) Weird Al Yankovic, Elon Musk, Adam Mickiewicz, Vladimir Putin, Charli xcx (real people) Aziraphale and Crowley (Good Omens) Bismarck, Vampire or graf spee, javelin, Ayanami, Kisaragi, St. Louis, Taihou (Azur Lane) Hifumi Takimoto, Ko Yagami and Umiko Ahagon (New Game) Hina Amano and Hodaka Morishima(weathering with you) Anya (Spy X Family) Ishigami, Iino Miko (Kaguya sama:love is war) Yuika Koga (Hensuki) Lisbeth (Sword Art Online) Azusagawa Kaede (Rascal does not dream of Bunny girl senpai) Nagito Komaeda, Chiaki Nanami, celestia ludenberg, Shuichi Saihara ( Danganronpa) Uzaki Hana (Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out) Jack frost ad Black frost (smt) Shirabe, Carol Malus Dienheim (Symphogear) Byleth(female and male) Claude and Bernadetta, Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, Lysithea (Fire emblem three houses) Tendo Maya (Revue Starlight) Kato Danzo, Paris, Solomon, Tomoe Gozen (FGO) Bananya (Bananya) Hat kid (a hat in time) Mile/Adele (didn't i say to make my abilities average in the next life) Yaya (Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai) Lala, Elena, Madoka, Hikaru, and Yuni (Star Twinkle PreCure) Mysterious Heroine X (Fate) Kud(kudryavka) Rin Natsume from (Little Busters. Melascula (NnT) Totsuka Saika (Oregairu) Mashiro Okeuchi (Layers of White) Tetsuo or Kaneda (Akira) Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui) Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine (Cowboy bebop) Lisa Isaribi and Princess Hibana (Fire Force) Konoe A. Mercury, Noel Vermillion and Ragna The Bloodege (Blazblue) Dante, Trish and Nero [Devil May Cry/ Devil may cry 5] Kyouko, Kyubey, Madoka Kaname [Madoka Magica] Cocoa [Gochiusa] Genos [One Punch Man] Juliet Persia, Inugami Leon [Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet] Eren Yeager [Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan] Reimi Sugimoto, Diavolo, Old Joseph Joestar(part 3) Pannacotta Fugo, Dire [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure] Kaori Miyazono [Your lie in April] Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime Inoue timeskip version [Bleach] Nagato, Shimakaze, Yukikaze [Kantai Collection] Iwasawa, Yui [Angel Beats. Rebecca “Revy” Lee [Black Lagoon] Laura Bodewig [Infinite Stratos] Katsuragi [Senran Kagura] Rena [Genocide Online ~ Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl] Zelda [The legend of Zelda] The Mist Pillar, Giyu [Demon slayer] Eda (Edith Blackwater) Balalaika [Black Lagoon] Isla [Plastic memories] Winry Rockbell, Truth, Alphonse [Fullmetal alchemist] Nemurin [Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku] All Might / Toshinori Yagi [Boku No Hero Academia] Shana [Shakugan no Shana] Hori Kyouko and Remi Ayasaki [Horimiya] Kiriha [tsugumomo] Shirakami Fubuki [HoloLive] Edgeworth [Ace attorney] Yarai Miu [Dracu-Riot] Chrome, Gen Asagiri, Ukyo and Ryusui [Dr Stone] Chrome Dokuro [Katekyo Hitman Reborn] Maya Amano and Tatsuya Suou[Persona 2] Noël (Vanishing Starlight) Sound Horizon] Cordelia, Lucina, Robin (male and female) Fire Emblem: Awakening] Yuuto Ichika [Super Ledgehop: Double Laser] Nene Yashiro [Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun] Claudette Morel [Dead by Daylight] Mitsue [Hoshiai no sora] Ellie [The last of us] Pink skin Captain falcon [F-Zero] Okabe Rintarou [Steins;Gate] Karuizawa Kei [Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e] Latina [Uchi no Ko no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai] Emet-Selch [FF14 Shadowbringers] Nona [Death Parade] Will of the abyss [Pandora hearts] Suwako Moriya [Tohou] Rika Shiguma [Haganai] Renge Miyauchi, Hotaru [Non non biyori] cole macgrath [inFAMOUS] Alphamon (digimon) Wing Zero (New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing) RX- 78- 2 (Mobile Suit Gundam) Pyke, Irelia, Jinx, Evelynn, Zyra, Vladimir [league of legends] A horse (yes, a horse-like padoru with the face of a horse) Yoshino [Date a live] Shouko Nishimiya [ A silent voice] Sora [No game no life] Ene(Takane Enomoto) Kagerou Project] Kasumi Yoshizawa, Takuto Maruki, Joker, morgana, chie satonaka, sojiro [Persona 5 Royal] Lala Deviluke [To Love-ru] Jester [Critical Role] Sunflower [Plant vs. Zombies] Tech priest or skiitari [40k] Uni [Katekyo Hitman reborn. Itachi Uchiha [Naruto] Kumin Tsuyuri [Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai] Hideyoshi kinoshita [Baka and test] Ithea and Chtholly [Sukasuka] Rize kamishiro [Tokyo Ghoul] Poppi [xenoblade 2 return of jafar] King Dedede [Kirby] Beeg Yoshi Lily Hoshikawa [Zombieland Saga] Master chief [halo] Saya Endou [Dagashi Kashi] Valt Aoi, Aiga Akaba [Beyblade Burst Cho-Z] Amano Megumi [Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake] Kishinami hakuno master [Fate/extra] Last Order [A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun] Dizzy [Guilty Gear] Sou Hiyori (Your Turn To Die) Protagonist/Hibiki Kuze, Anguished One/Alcor/Al Saiduq (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2) Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria) Magilou (Tales of Berseria) Tohru Adachi (Persona 4) Muzan Kibutsuji [Kimetsu no yaiba] Dr. Manhathan [Watchmen] Prince Mirun [Yurikuma Arashi] Tom and Jerry [Tom and Jerry] Chitanda Eru, Oreki Houtaru [Hyouka] Ryuji (with the mask if possible) Persona 5] Constanze Amalie Von [Little Witch Academia] Sakura Matou from [Fate/Stay Night] Charlotte Katakuri, Portgas D. Ace, Trafalgar Law, Kaido [One piece] Tomoyo Sakagami [Clannad] Kobeni Yonomori [Engaged to the Unidentified] Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tiphereth A and B, Chesed, Gebura, Binah, Hokma, A, Angela and Carmen [Lobotomy Corporation] Irisu from [Rabi Ribi] Li Wen [WILL: A Wonderful World] Octolin(player) Splatoon] Yoshi [Super Mario] Liliruca Arde [DanMachi] Lesley Legend [Mobile Legends] Euden and Mym [Dragalia Lost] Pink guy [Filthy Frank] Guild Girl, Cow Girl [Goblin Slayer] Witch hunter [Warhammer fantasy battle] Donovan [Berserk] Eugeo [SAO Alicization] Mung [Chowder] Haqua [The world god only knows] Inferno cop[Inferno cop] Kotozume Yukari [KiraKira Precure] Ike, Soleil, Marth, Nephenee, Oliver, Sophia, L'Arachel, Female Morgan, Fjorm, Lucia, Hana, Olivia, Lucina, Alm, Innes, Annette [Fire emblem] Azazel Amelie, Valac Clara and Ix Elizabetta [Marimashita Iruma-kun] CC [Code geass:resurreection] Yuzu Aihara [Citrus] Akizuki Kanna [Cafe stella to shinigami no chou] Ryoko [Tenchi Universe] Venom [Spiderman] Donkey kong [Donkey kong] Yujiro Hanma [Grappler Baki] Dabi [Boku no Hero Academy] Ainz Ooal Gown, Maid fighter CZ [Overlord] Tadano (in all forms) Rumiko Manbagi [Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu] IZU chan [KAMEN RIDER ZERO ONE] Chiharu Yuki [Oresuki] Steve urkel [Family Matters] Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter] Magnus the red [Warhammer 40k] Chrome -chan [Merryweathery comics] Natsume Takashi, Natsume Reiko [Natsume Yuujinchou] Grea [Manaria Friends] Spiritual beast tamer Winda, Tea gardner [Yugioh] Tendo Satori [Haikyuu] Sheogorath [Elder scrolls series] Ana [overwatch] Noire [Hyperdimension Neptunia] Lenalee lee. Shiemi Moriyama [Blue exorcist] If you make any padorus from the requests feel free to post it in a separate post instead of replying to this post.

Spiegami dove ti avrebbe tagliato la strada? Stavi sulla corsia interna di una rotonda che ha due corsie di marcia e quello si è fermato neanche a metà della corsia esterna...



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