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Nelyubimyy with Aleksey Bardukov


The ashtetic reminds me of Silent Hill 2. Looks mostly like Angela's personal hell and the flats in the beginning of the game. Better than expected. It shows how easily an epidemic can spread. A good reminder always wash your hands properly and often.

Dear White People brought me here. Never heard this song before then


If my dad drove of leaving my puppy behind I'll be jumping out of the car. The Bionic Woman back as a butt-kicking epidemiologist. She's still got it. Jared since you are not doing the FFT series, which I understand, your videos are of very high production quality something that would take a while to complete, and you weren't getting the views, completely understandable. It's just that was the best series on this channel, literally looked forward to it each day for the week it was out. Were those the eye portraits from PT. I can't see! I can't see! Why not? Because my eyes are closed. Because the game's too dark.

Rise of the Planet of the. Dogs.
Play more tactics.
Hey under 100 club XD.

Pick up sim.


I can't wait to see this, looks fantastic. Great classic movie, thank you. would love to see more. Saying tight a lot. Oh my God! Unloved was such a good series of Doom WADs! And now the same guy actually made a commercial release! That's amazing! Exclamation points. IT HAD LIMITED RELEASE IN THE STATES, I HOPE THAT I CAN GET IN DVD NOW. Those prawns that came out the it me, or are they already dead and cooked. prawns and shrimp are blue/grey and still alive when first caught.

David Holmes production on this song is magnificent! Great song. Do you have a major label? If not we could help. Kapitalne. Now if it was 2d i think this game could have more interesting visuals, imagine a good doom1 horde game with these rogulike elements.




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