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Summary - San Andreas is a movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, and Alexandra Daddario. In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey with his ex-wife across the state in

Genres - Action

star - Colton Haynes

director - Brad Peyton

Creator - Jeremy Passmore, Andre Fabrizio

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San Andreas (2015. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas Download for PC. San Andreas Official Trailer #1 (2015. Dwayne Johnson.


9.12.2014 San Andreas Official Trailer #1 (2015. Dwayne Johnson Movie HD After the infamous San Andreas Fault finally gives, triggering a magnitude 9 earthquake in California, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne. San Andreas: Movie Review.
San Andreas is an okay film with some spectacular stunning visuals and effects and an amazing 3D, and entertaining performance by Dwayne Johnson.
San Andreas has some epic disaster action visuals and visual style but offers nothing more than that. Dwayne Johnson delivers an enjoyable performance but seems and feel very underutilized at certain times. The rest of the cast and characters feels very underdeveloped. The movie also has some very unnecessary, boring and irritating characters that are totally useless in the film.
San Andreas has many flaws and issues. The movie falls back in the terms of story plot, script and character development and lack of script originality in a disaster movie. And some times too much over use CGI effects in the movie makes it little bit of less interesting.
(Please Note: That This Review represent only my professional point of view and my personal honest opinion about the film, and does not represent others. Thank You.


CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets. Liberty City. Vice City. Now San Andreas, a new chapter in the legendary series. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available now for. San Andreas (film.



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