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Genre=Documentary; Synopsis=Substantivo Feminino is a movie starring Giselda Castro, Magda Renner, and Kathia Vasconcelos Monteiro. "Substantivo Feminino" is a documentary that recalls the history of two women who became pioneers in environmental activism in; countries=Brazil; Release year=2017

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0:17 Looks The Original Nick Fury. This just proves old people are 100% scarier than clowns. Her: oh, it's deadly creepy here. LET ME STAY LONGER. Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt in the same movie? What is this a crossover episode? 😂. A Tarantino movie followed by a Scorsese movie releasing this year and both have Al Pacino in the cast too. What a time to be alive.

Tarantino should work with Tom cruise, Chris pratt and RDJ.
So I wake to go on YouTube and in my still sleepy state, and see a Grandma running around her house naked. My reaction: Oh.
When your cousin come to your house and ask, do you have fortnite 2:44.
10 Academy Award Nominations Leonardo DiCaprio will take home his 2nd Oscar.

Ppl: Who are the best actors/actresses? OUAT in Hollywood: yes. You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.


Intro guitar riff, close enough to Gary Puckett's The Beggar that I was immediately drawn in. Oh yes, this movie will get my dollars. Yeah well, I don't know about this number 9 but I know that the 8 was really gorgeous. Especially that sweat Lincoln Letter 😂😂😂. The two most badass actors play in a film together. Bill Skarsgaard is so good as Pennywise! And I am a die hard Tim Curry fan. This cured my phobias but now im scared of naked grandmas😔. Comment section: 99% about naked old ladies 1% about movie.

Bill makes Georgie's boat Georgie: Nah, I think I'll play it some other time. It: Sh*t. The naked old lady running around is equally hilarious and horrifying to me. For me Im a huge rock music guy. I like a lot of different bands but my favorite is U2. I haven't been waiting for a movie this much for many years.




2019: Star Wars Trilogy ends 2020: Yoda's speech therapy. 1:20. “IF I HAD ONE WISH”. Marvel: Black widow teaser trailer DC: HOLD MY TRASHCAN. Yes me likey. Cant wait for him to say another hundred hypocritical things this season. The movie looks amazing but they need to have a better reason why he puts the glasses on. I remember 1984. No cell phones, no internet, no social media. It was awesome. O personagem é masculino, A personagem é feminino nao é? 🤔 ou tanto faz. Next time I see a Star Wars movie trailer, I'm gonna be like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park: Oh yeah. First there's the 'oooh's' and the 'aaah's. Then, there's the yelling. and the screaming...

Mckenna Grace looks adorable with her hair like that. Another Ryan Reynolds movie where he just plays Ryan Reynolds. They're obviously going to pay tribute to the legend of HAROLD RAMIS AKA EGON.




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