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Writer/Director Todd Sheets comes, Bonehill Road. A werewolf movie that a homage to the 80's just in time for Halloween!
Emily and her daughter Eden (Eli Degeer and Ana Plumberg) escape an abusive relationship that almost turns deadly! Emily husband (Aaron Brasier) is an abusive husband who likes beating his wife. After getting knocked around once again, Emily grabs her pocket book and daughter flee to her father (Gary Kent.
On the way in a rest stop they meet a creepy motorist (Douglas Epps. They quickly exit but you know he will be seen again.
There almost at Emily dad and the girls are going back and forth about why they had to leave. The daughter is scared and doesn't want to lose her friends and change school. Night has fallen and an accident occurs after a run in with someone me type of animal. Stranded an a dying phone battery she gets a message to her dad, but the phone dies.
Whatever it is in the woods is coming for them. They narrowly escape and land up in a house in the middle of nowhere. It is known now the motorist at the rest stop is a serial killer. His name is Coen (Douglas Epps) and his hostages, Tina (Millie Milan) Lucy (Dilynn Fawn Harvey) and Suzy (Scream Queen legend Linnea Quigley) are held captive.
They too soon are tied up and waiting for this cannibal serial killer to kill them too. This movie is not short on story and will have everyone battling everyone as the werewolf's close is in. Is it safer with the serial killer or fight the creatures?
Todd Sheets is back bigger and better. This movie is across between Howling and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love the bond between the daughter and mother and how the deal with there new obstacle. From abuse to wolves to a serial killer. Yeah there ready to whip some ass.
The actors are so good in this and you feel there peril. Linnea Quigley is a joy and will always be known as the queen of horror. It was a pleasure to see her important cameo and fun to see her on screen.
Todd swore not to do CGI and it was a tremendous feat to see what hard work was put into making these werewolves come me to life. Looking at the end credits there was some crew involved. You had full bodysuits that looked great and the creatures faces had emotion. This is not your ordinary slap a mask on cheap Fx. All the creatures are significantly different in appearance!
But could this be a Todd Sheets movie without blood and carnage and boobs. Well everything is covered. The blood and guts here are over the top and delightful for you splatter freaks. Todd has not skimped with this movie and everything from the Wolf FX to the gore, the acting, story, music and carefully coordinated cinematography. Awesome Ariel shots add to the beginning on there escape trip.
Special kudos to Joe Castro and the transformation scene. Wow that was so freaking cool, I rewound and watched again. There was so much put in this movie, I can't say enough about how enjoyable and satisfied I was after watching.
Linnea Quigley, Gary Kent, David E. McMahon, Millie Milan, Douglas Epps) Aaron Brazier, Eve Smith, Jeremy Todd, Scott Simmons, Jane Plumberg, Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas-Plumberg, and Dilynn Fawn Harvey.





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