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Crazy Happy




We currently have an adult daughter in a mental ward with many problems, so as we understood an outline of the content, it took a few weeks before my husband and myself could bring ourselves to watch Crazy Happy. Daily our lives are in turmoil coping with her medical intervention, her mental state and also her many addictions. Our fragile, elderly emotions just couldn't watch the documentary until last night.
We loved it. To see the outcomes gave us great hope and if I meet one of the people involved in the street, I would give them a big hug for their courage.
The documentary portrayed the journey in a caring way and today we have discussed it with our daughter's head psychiatrist in the hospital. He had not heard about the doco or in fact about the concept but is keen for us to go down that track with our daughter. We will.
At the moment she has no self-worth, no interests, no friends and few family as she has driven them all away. She really needs exactly this type of group to be able to start living again. At one point there was a beautiful smile from one of those involved and my husband looked at me and said "I don't remember when. last smiled." The smile was filled with joy. She does not have joy in her life and she needs to find it. Well done the whole team. It will bring hope to so many.


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