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Sleep Away (2018) follows a boy, Cameron (Joel Braunstein) through unexpected. . . adventures, after Mom (Naomi Grossman) ships him off to Summer Camp - for his "1st Time". Overwhelmed and homesick he juggles a new crush, no friends, extremely close quarters, and the lovable hyperactive child, Davy (Ari Dacy), who has an annoying habit of smearing things on Cameron's face
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I love this movie but I hate the end line. Not only does it totally ignore the fact that Angela was the killer and just dropped a severed head, but it also contrasts the amazing sound and music effects. Like the music is so dramatic and intense but his voice is so calm and underwhelming. An ending that stuck with me for decades that isn't on your list, is Kingdom of the Spiders. It was a 70's b flick, but man what an ending.

What a mess, that's all I have to say


Way to forget Sleepaway Camp you clowns! Angela would not be happy about this. Not one its all water under the bridge as I always say! Water under the bridge. Who is the girl in the middle of the thing section? No girls in that movie. Unless you count the computer voice. Goodbye sleep lol. I really felt bad for peter, losing his dad and real sister angela and forced to be living a lie because of his kooky aunt, its sad idk how tf was peter supposed to live the life of a woman knowing damn well hes a man.

Childs is actually human because he's wearing an earring. Classic. The funny thing is the racial undertones of night of the living dead were one hundred percent accidental. The main actor was the best actor that they could afford and he just happened to be black. I'm so used to Brad being bald/having a shaved head, it's almost refreshing to see him with hair.

A condom commercial came on during the middle of me watching this. Would love for to see a Sleepaway Camp remake, but I don't think it could ever happen. The ending of the original makes the entire film and you couldn't remake it without doing that ending, but if people know that ending is coming it's nowhere as effective. Also, with all the political correctness in America these days, I'm pretty sure that the LGBTQ community would have a conniption fit. Great movie. The ending of Carrie and Friday the 13th arent scary to me but I just love them 😂.

Omg one of my favorite snob reviews! Thanks for re uploading Brad :D your reviews are the reason sleepaway camp became my favorite B rated slasher film.




Who here after kill count.

The girl that defended alan so hot

Ive just finished watching all 163 kill counts, here are my top 5. @jakeEsteel the opening credits or the end credits. As soon as I saw from the producers of REC, I said yes I'm watching this. Awesome video. Been a long time since I have seen Sleepaway Camp, but like you said, you never forget that ending. My 16-year-old Old English Sheepdog was an old furry giant sweetheart. I had to put him to sleep recently. My husband kept telling me for months I need to make a decision, but I just didn't want to let my dog go. It scared me to do something too early, and my pets are my family and I love them more than anything. My black lab Josie passed away last February, Sonny's best buddy. Since then, he was never the same. He didn't do any of the things he used to do with Josie in the yard. He never.

Alan is the man. The killer is Angela. Scariest ending of all time was The Twilight series. Why? Because everyone didn't die. Thus, the possibility of a sequel is the scariest thing ever. I don't think The Nightmare On Elm Street ending is that scary because of the whole blow-up sex doll thing. The Blair witch project was the most disappointing horror movie I've ever seen. Oh man, this has to be the most hilarious review Brads ever done! 😊. Dead meat anyone. The problem with a remake is that theres probably no way to have the same impactful ending.




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