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Bye Felicia




I can watch this a million and still be impressed. A comedy classic. 0:29 when I saw Kanye west was tryna run for president. Didnt cube still have his Jerri Curl at this time? When he made No Vaseline and AmeriKKKas most wanted. May of 2019 Im just now seeing this😭. This guy recorded the top 40 chart off the radio back in the day, Guaranteed.

Say, This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun. Superb choice, Matt! Who wouldn't want to kiss Connor Walsh. 3. I just love how Alford Enoch is standing. So this is basically a copy and paste of the Babadook. 2:17 John Witherspoon. Ice Cube destroyed everyone.


I so love the reaction of Eazy-E. Jerry you gotta relax. Aaight. N-word don't even know what anti-semitic means anyway. It's just a f*ck*ng battlerap... Bafflation. I never got why they tried to beef with ice cube, like really? You gonna start shit with the guy that wrote most of your lyrics. 😂😂.



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