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Wonder Wheel Drama genre


Ross is supposed to be with Rachel and Monica is supposed to be with chandler.

When in the movie does he use his skills to kill someone

Justin Timberlake should stick to singing he's not a good actor. Boycott Woody Allen films. The best film of the year with Columbus. Justin needs to learn to set up a TP raft to muffle his pee.


Always l♡ve a Woody Allen picture, face it, the man's brilliant when it comes to writing & directing💯. Colbert is a Fake News propaganda artist. BOTTOM LINE. Coney Island is Shell Beach And does not exist in the future. Hmmm. Where will it go? 💪❤️ #THINK. I dont understand why any of these people want to work with or see the film made by a child molestor. Oh working with woody allen is a dream come true... HE IS A PEDOPHILE ! why is he still on hollywood.

I do not remember Justin Timberlake being so effeminate. What's wrong with Tennessee Williams. I wanna see this.





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