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Writer: Lottie Shudde

Synopsis: Chad the Dad is a TV movie starring Lottie Shudde, Chad Crenshaw, and Emma Shudde. After homicidal teenager Scottie is dropped off at Chad's house, she does everything in her power to disrupt the already established family dynamics


Release year: 2018

Last Update: Tuesday, 14-Jan-20 07:46:22 UTC

Chad the Dad


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If u think about it, chad is a really understanding and decent dude. So basically never tell Chad that he can leave. Watch Movies Subtitles Online Free. I'm here while the title still spells 'trialer' instead of trailer. There is an amount of stupidity only straight men can achieve. True story.


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Damn Theon can never get a break can he? I mean Reek

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1:48 - 1:49 That knife going in the door is so fake xD half of it is on the right side whilst the left side has barely gone in. The irony behind this skit is too strong! This is a typical american day. Hilarious and dark. S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A.

Lol I love how he is funny in a new way. He legit looks and acts like he doesnt give a shit bout this.


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1:16 Do it for mr lollypopilis.






Chad is then faced with the hazardous task of informing Scottie that she's not living with just another one of her mother's "strange" friends, but actually her own. In honor of Father's Day, we asked adoptive dad Chad Williamson to share what being a dad really means to him. Chad and Courtney Williamson decided to look into adopting a child when they read an. Download Free Information Packet.

Watch Chad Daniels: Dad Chaniels, Prime Video. Listen Free to Chad Daniels - The Toilet Seat Radio, iHeartRadio.





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