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countries - USA
Susan Blakely
Director - Kenneth Mader
Release year - 2016

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No link. I don't know ma'am you are damn smart and I love youuuuu i have no idea for which grade students you make these videos but I'm in 11th grade clearing my basicssssss thanks again and please continue.

How can i create the plane with the mash with a lot of triangles


Still my best. Awesome!. I'm still having long render times in the viewport. I'm using OpenCL with GPU + CPU. GPU is a Rx 580 nitro+ and CPU is a Ryzen 5 2600. What's weird though is if I change the device to just CPU its lot faster. Thank you sooooooo much, greatly appreciated. Great video thank you so much. Q:1=when body travel in staighrt line Q:2=1 speed is scalar and velocity is a vector 2 Distance taken speed and displacement taken in velocity is = 0.73m/s And Avg. velocity is = 0 m/s.

Ur explanation is so good,tq so much for uploading this video and this helped me a lot, thanks a lot. Very unclear explanation.





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