Stars Paulo Gustavo

country Brazil

movie info After blooming with her new tv show, Dona Hermínia must deal with the problems of her grown up kids as she realizes they are Leaving home. In the middle, she must face the struggles of being a grandmother and her sister who's returning to Brazil after a while

Rating 7,4 / 10 Stars

director César Rodrigues

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Minha Mãe é uma Peça 2: O Filme




Mom Wiki, Fandom. My Mom Is a Character 2 (2016) User Score. Overview. Dona Hermínia is back, but now rich and famous since she is the host of her own successful TV show. However, the overprotective character will have to deal with her children's departures, as Marcelina and Juliano decide to move out. In. "My Mom" is the sixth episode in Season 2 (and eighteenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 31, 2011. Mordecai and Rigby must be supervised by Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost on a trip to buy a lemon tree from the nursery, but are annoyed by Muscle Man's "my momquot jokes.

"My Mom is a Character 2" Becomes Brazil's Highest Grossing. The rule for how to refer to a teenage character's parents is really the same as the rule for referring to any character in any fiction where you're using limited third person point of view: You refer to the parents by the names or titles that the point of view character would use. Let's say that teenage character Anna calls her parents Mom and. My Mother Reacts to Super Danganronpa 2 Characters. SPOILERS. Uncle Orson's Writing Class - Third-Person Characters. Which Mother 1 2 3 Character are you. Quiz. My Mom is a Character 2 (Minha Mãe é uma Peça 2) movie times. Welcome to Mom Wiki A collaborative Wiki for the CBS sitcom, Mom! Featuring 285 awesome articles since 20 November 2013. Before you create a new page, please see if any created pages need your help! Please click HERE, to see the created pages that need help. Check our Policies and Rules.

A young mother who went through Teen Pregnancy and fell into alcoholism until she turned her life around (well, is trying to) and tries her best to raise her teenage daughter Violet and young child Baxter, while also dealing with her sadistic, cynical mother Bonnie living with her. Her heart is in the right place, though.




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