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Aug 17, 2006 "The Conscious" has misunderstood the movie's plot or perhaps not watched it carefully. Students are not rewarded by Principal Long for "quoting the party line" but for basing their efforts and studies on what actually matters, i.e. helping relieve the poverty of the neighboring peasants, rather than for simply grades are desire to increase their status.


This well-acted and well-directed film was promoted as a "model work" by the cultural revolution group within the Chinese Communist Party in 1975, one year before the death of Mao and the reversal of the cultural revolution.
It is a good example of both the orientation guiding the cultural revolution (in this case, how to 'revolutionize' the educational system) as well as how the cultural revolutionaries approached popular culture (e.g. this screenplay and the direction of this film.
In some ways, the film is reminiscent of 'On the Waterfront' but with a decidedly different, and more hopeful, resolution.
A worthwhile feature although rarely shown currently.

Breaking With Old Ideas is thought-provoking fare from the People's Republic of China. Filmed during the twilight of Mao's cultural revolution, the film explores the challenge of "re-educating" a populace ruled by centuries-old tradition. A remote rural community, representing a microcosm of thought. Breaking with Old Ideas. Breaking with Old Ideas is a 1975 Chinese film directed by Li Wenhua. The film is one of the few that were produced during the Cultural Revolution. As a result of the political upheaval taking place, Breaking with Old Ideas's plot was heavily regulated under highly codified guidelines on story and characterization so that it would have a mass character, as opposed to an individual focused character, namely proletarian politics as opposed to bourgeois politics. The film draws inspiration from issues with schooling in China.

Jun 27, 1976 Directed by Wenhua Li. With Zhenqing Guo, Suya Wang, Xiying Wen, Zhan Xu.






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Breaking With Old Ideas is a Chinese film from 1975 about revolutionizing education in the countryside and trasforming in a fundamental way the way people relate to nature, to society as a whole, and to each other. This revolutionary film is now available for free viewing. I took a break from racing and I have no idea what's even a good lap time anymore, but here's my new personal best! 3x1-minute(ish) laps in a row on Old Vanderval with the M50.


Download Breaking With Old Ideas torrent or any other torrent from the Video Movies. Direct download via magnet link. One of the most controversial dramatic films produced in the People's Republic of China during the cultural revolution. Breaking With Old Ideas' is about the struggle to. Title correction: It *would* be a lot more unsettling.





Breaking with Old Ideas.




Breaking with Old Ideas. 84 likes. Breaking with Old Ideas is a 1975 Chinese film directed by Li Wenhua. The film is one of the few that were produced. Breaking With Old Ideas - Movie Quotes - Rotten Tomatoes. Breaking with Old Ideas (aka Jue lie) a film by China, 1975. ERIC - EJ1214121. Breaking with Old Ideas" Chinese. Breaking With Old Ideas - Media Classification.

Breaking with Old Ideas Movie English Full Watch Online, Breaking with Old Ideas Full Movie. (PDF) Chinese Cinema: Breaking with Old Ideas, Mark Nash. Breaking with Old Ideas - Movie, Facebook. Break with Old Ideas - Parti communiste révolutionnaire. Talk:Breaking with Old Ideas. Title: Breaking With Old Ideas FREE FULL MOVIE Chinese Political Movie Added on: 2014-07-26 00:28:11 Total Views: 10,463 Description: Video details - PN0WMeVw_Ok : One of the most controversial dramatic films produced in China during the cultural revolution, Breaking" is about the struggle to Democratize education in the countryside. Breaking with Old Ideas english full movie free download Streaming Full Breaking with Old Ideas Online Stream Watch Breaking with Old Online Bravo.

Breaking with Old Ideas depicts an earlier period, with the action taking place between 1958 and 1961, however it is similarly concerned with philosophies of education. Rosalind Delmar and Mark Nash (1976, 74) summarise the question at the heart of the film as: What sort of educational institutions and methods are most suited to the needs of the peasants.



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