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Great movie. Thank you so much for sharing this Powerful meditation with us Namaste and blessings to you all💜. Great movie. This should be released in public so more people will learn. Blockchain not friendly to humans. Look like Brad Pitt a bit. Learn to see what the sun is demonstrating. Thank you for sharing Moojis beautiful meditations here. My heart is at the feet of Mooji🙏His teachings have changed my life.

Beautiful Kip, thank you for sharing with us the way you do through these videos. <3. Pure Bunk couldn't even get into ten minutes. Thanks for posting this. The movie is amazing, and I love the intro with the quotes from the prophecies left by Nostradamus. Thanks for the very informative video! Just a clarification. what do you mean if that something that you focus on remains present then it becomes a creative thing. 3:40. Thanks and Gratitude to share your experience of incarnation and your music for share this allowing time of Joy and peace ! Higher and higher peace. Love. So jetzt hab ich erstmal ein burnout. Ah cabrón. andaba viendo Berserk y que de pronto me sale una recomendación para un anime religioso. qué curioso el algoritmo de youtube...





If you see beyond seeing, Hear beyond hearing, And feel beyond feeling, You will know That which is beyond knowing. We don't see things how they are, we see things how we are. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Another good production, thank you. Precisa de uma legenda em Português. Grata. Watch' Online'Hoyts. watch&HOW&TO&AWAKEN&PURE&AWARENESS' 2018&on`line` hdq' Watch How To AwaKEn Online Vioz…. Screw This Material Life... we need a major awakening and to get that we need to change whats on the tv programming. Cause the sheep will never turn their tvs off. Maybe nobody will read my comment but honestly I started crying watching this. I am so thankful that I am alive... And so the corporation mentality begins. very sad day indeed.

Is there someone who attended this or saw the whole video on the website or somewhere? Do u recall what the secret is please? 😂 🤣 we are dying to know. I love to meditate super relaxing takes away my worries calms down my spirt. 💓💓💓💓. Campaign. May the world find enlightenment. Training.


I love that statement, conciousness is the universe looking at itself. Says it all, we are all one of the whole. The body of Christ, all parts being equal, all for one and one for all. If we all woke up and realized that the universe, our planet, everything would change for the better I must say. It's coming and I suppose it had to learned from the school of hard knocks. Your a wise man and you present these truths with applaud you for your efforts to upgrade our minds and Spirits. I'm just glad comments are not disabled in these videos. On the topic of high connections and meditation etc. think the 2016 book ‘Karmasutra The Karma of Sex by an Indian author Staju Jacob talks of a concept called CSB ‘cosmic sensitivity barrier which sort of governs our communication with the universal cosmic consciousness. I think it is worth reading the book to get a a well-rounded idea. It is primarily about cosmic laws governing sensual conduct, but it is certainly worth a read for its spiritual content.

Cool perspective. I have an Awakening process every morning! When I get out of bed.😁. Masterpiece of a description! An eye-opener. HOW TO AWAKEN PURE AWARENESS MOVIE WATCH, Watch How to Awaken Pure Awareness Online Download Subtitle… How,to,Awaken,Pure,Awareness,movie,yts... I been reading so of the comments on this movie and a lot of people are displease with it i wanna know why. There is a very good video on YT, that is called ”Maya, the illusion of the self”. That documentary was an awakening for me (as a born christian to later convert to the buddhism) and the whole knowledge for me was in place and in peace. Eckhart is a wonderful beeing and to listen to him confirms my inner beliefe of a oneness in our combined conciousness. There is love and an extrem high intelligens in the whole picture and as Tolle says we maybe never in history of science can grasp all of this because we are trying to solve the mystery ”outside” but I think we find more answer to look within ourselves. There we have the whole universe, the same universe that is outside ourselves that we can feel with our senses. Because we are all one and the source is where we came from and will go back to. A infinitiv loop of energy, love, compassion, intelligens that connect everything in frequenses of the quantumfield. Maybe someone agree, but I think there is something to think about at least. NAMASTE to all and keep beeing curious for US ALL! 👍🥰🙏🕉☯️💟.

We need more animations like this This is nonfiction to the fullest Namaste. What an absolutely ridiculous point to end the video. He was just about to reveal the secret of the universe. Hello. This is the truth Forget all the animations The message is pristine Thank you I needed this reminder. I started to cry realizing how grateful I feel to be awakened... it's a true privilege I wish everyone gets to experience...



Amazing and perfect timing. Blessings to anyone reading this. 💓🙏. This video makes you benefit from all videos you have watched. Thanks for posting this. The movie is amazing, and I love the intro with the quotes from the prophecies left by Nostradamus. Thank you for helping me remember who I AM. Namaste. Und jetzt burn in. Ur so incredible sir Thanks a lot. Why did the video end there, just when he was about to tell us the secret of the Universe? Is there a Part 2. 1: thoth = egyptian guy & egyptian where brown colored people ! Not in this video an white dude! Called incorrectly informations dude.

I have a history of abusive & near death experiances & all it took was someone saying in the worst moment that its a scary thought that someone would want to kill me for pleasure & that thought controls my choices now. im afraid of being social.
You almost lost me with the quantum juju; then, I listened. The words used are not important, the idea is. I love this, thanks for sharing.
The Secret Part 2 :D.

Can we do. 5 hz (Epsilon. lambda 100 Hz - 200 hz simultaneously. Recommended by Bashar. (Extra-Terrestrial interstellar alliance. He just said what i was going to say lol. I just realized i woke up, like im awake now. Its scary but i know good things are coming. Against their free will ABSOLUTE😂 ! I love you so much- so much. 3 minutes in and I already want to cry. 2: the man seeing manny women on rawsline= called he is mind tripping fantasy his illusions came up ! Easy sum dude. God within make me an instrument of your peace Where there is hatred let me sow love Where there is injury, pardon Where there is doubt, faith Where there is despair, hope Where there is darkness, light And where there is sadness, joy God within grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console to be understood as to understand To be loved as to love For it is in giving that we receive it is in pardoning that we are pardoned And it's in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Your videos are great. But you should try making good and catching thumbnails to get more views. We need more animations like this This is nonfiction to the fullest Namaste.




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