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As someone who was born and raised in Alaska, I have a very hard time relating to McCandeless' story. While I do understand the desire to escape from the monotony of life, what McCandeless did was extremely stupid. Going out into Bush Alaska with hardly any supplies or food would be one thing for a local, but McCandeless was from the lower 48. Not only that, but he was a well-off out-of-towner, who had never even been to the more established parts of Alaska. His decision was completely suicidal. He could have easily gone on an adventure to Alaska without starving himself to death, had he thought through the trip more. If he talked to anyone from Alaska, they likely would have told him that living out in the Bush with no food, and no experience in that kind of setting, is not a smart decision. I feel for him and his family, but I don't agree with how much people glorify him, considering that what he did wasn't heroic, rather it was extremely short-sighted and naive. Just one girl's opinion, but many others that I have talked to from my state agree.

I'm left the bus there when he was found. And all his stuff still there. it's amazing no one stole it. Its september 2019, and this still gives me goosebumps. INTO THIS WORLD On the page into this world hd download. #Into~thisfreehd Watch"Into"this"Online"Idigitaltimes. We had an awesome Spider man movie, now were gonna get an awesome video game and and beautiful looking animated movie. What a time to be a Spider man fan. 90% of comments is Ily Loki (same omg I love hiiihhhhmmm :333.


2 Great quotes Do not go where the path may lead, but instead go where there is no path and leave a trail Ralph Waldo Emerson. Two roads diverged in a wood and I-I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference Robert Frost. Completely disagree with the idea that happiness is only real if shared. I have done things, and can do things, that make me happy both by myself and with other people. The presence of other people is not a prerequisite to experiencing happiness, indeed, in some situations their presence can be irritating or distracting. I'm not saying that people don't need social contact, we do (at least most people) but it is silly to think of being alone as inherently miserable.

2019, still the best trailer in the franchise and in my honest opinion one of the best game trailers ever. Such an underrated game... I´M NOT READY FOR MY CHILDHOOD TO END THANK YOU VERY MUCH But I can´t wait.


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