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Release date=2014
Directors=J. Horton
Average rating=5,5 of 10 Star

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There are spells which combines the spirit world to us. Just watched the movue, OMFG It is so AWESOME. Damn this looks like a good movie. They better not do a remake for Amélie. It wasn't scary at 's really wasting time to watch it,really boring. T-dog? Twd anyone. Oh my god😂. How do I know you are not a serial killer? Bcz I am black  at first I was like LOL but then I was like that is kind of true. Makes me wanna watch the Intouchables again. This trailer literally gave me chills.

I thought I already watched insidious. Cant wait hopefully it will coke to cinemas here in England uk. So eine wichtige Tür und dann nur so ein lächerlicher, verrottender Riegel davor? Im Ernst. I watched it last night and it was so amazing! Kevin made the viewers laughing almost every scene and he is perfect for the role to give a funny side while Bryan is also pefect for his role. Watch first before even if you already watch the original movie intouchable! How will you know if it was bad if you didnt watch the whole movie and you just base on trailer. Looks really good! I can't wait. Have seen this before and it is worth a second watch for sure.

I just realised that the movie title is an acronym for thug

I read the book and it was spectacular. Gotta say the ending made me cry and question my whole existence but y'know that's how it is. Trying to emotionally prepare myself for the movie (ZU IS SO CUTE OMG.









4.7 / 5
Votes: 176

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