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There is no easy way to explain this movie. The only thing I can say is sit down, buckle up and prepare to take a ride through the mind of a psychopath! If you ever wondered what it was like to trip on LSD and Shrooms with the Manson family on Barker Ranch, you need not wonder anymore. "Franklin: ASP" is amazing! It's one of those rare indie flicks that has production value all the way around. From the writing to the editing (that would make Oliver Stone proud) to the Production Design. And for actors having to display a wide swath of emotions they did a surprisingly believable job. Especially the lead, Franklin. For those of you who have a hard time following story lines and reading into the "mise en scene" you may have to watch it more than once to really get it. Once you do, you will bask in the brilliance to which the characters were written. If you find movies like "Natural Born Killers" offensive you this movie is NOT for you. This movie makes NBK look like it was made for PBS. If you are a fan of the drive in era or indie flicks in general than you will not want to miss seeing "Franklin! Check it out, and remember it's only a movie, it's only a movie...



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French language pay discount openload new franklin: a symphony of pain game. Blu-ray: Movies & TV: Movies, TV & More. French language pay discount openload new franklin: a symphony of pain band.


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LIVE 2011* 14.10.2011 Hannover - Musikzentrum*15.10.2011 Dresden - Beatpol *19.10.2011 Freiburg - Jazzhaus *20.10.2011 Karlsruhe - Substage *21.10.2011 Aschaffenburg - Colos Saal *22.10.2011 Bochum - Matrix *28.10.2011 Münster - Sputnik *30.10.2011 Cham - Eventhalle Cham *03.11.2011 Wilhelmshaven - Pumpwerk *04.11. K'lautern - Kammgarn *05.11. Lüneburg - Garage *11.11. Potsdam - Waschhaus *12.11. Freising - Lindenkeller *13.11. Ulm - Roxy * 18.11. Magdeburg - Factory *19.11. Erfurt - Centrum. I'm more than this little trailer :D.

I remember when my freinds would always talk about this game.

0:32 pause it says grove on the bottom part of the wall

Oi. doesn't it look like each guitarist jacks him off. at the start. Yeah whatever. Yeah what ever. D. When does Lamar actually say Enjoy the hos homie.


I really hope this isnt one of these projects that looks amazing in the trailer but dissapointing when it comes out sinse it looks epic. There is the image of snake in GZ, standing, all brown, Kojima later told that there were some lighting of the engine, acutally he is young in the game.




Damn I missed me some thug life GTA gameplay! Can't wait tuh play him. Einfach nur geil. Ahahahahaha You're so funny x. @zickdeduf. DylanGamesEvelyn:3 years ago Uh. Metal Gear! The first commenter found out almost instantly. Kathas stimme <3. I remember when i saw this and i was like: oooohhhh shit i just want gta5 right now but now all that time waiting worth it. FLAMING WHALE. Best cool band. ☝👍🎵. Kojima and his henchmen are geniuses! They had me and thousands hooked for decades for a reason.




Franklin: a symphony of pain mean. Franklin: A Symphony of spain.

Franklin: A Symphony of kain soul

Saustark. Sehe sie zum 1. Mal in Glauchau am 21.10.2016. Franklin: a symphony of pain youtube.


Ich freu mich schon wenn sie 8.4 da sind. Wow... They sound so good. it's hard to believe. The vocal and guitar have such beautiful clarity. :sigh. Good shit! love it. Franklin: A Symphony of pain perdu. Franklin: A Symphony of pain d'épices. Franklin: a symphony of pain meaning.

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