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So I love the lifes of this folks an I wish I my self could do it but my husband only wants to use our trailer for mini vacations. with that said. have you guys though of having children an how would that work if you guys decided to have kids ? Just curious. Great video! So you guys are living in an RV to save money to build a dream house right? That is very cool. Since you are wintering I am going to guess you already own the land right? Very nice idea! I think a lot of people think RV living is cheap but I have found that, for me anyway, it would cost me the same as the set up I have now. I am however building out a van so I can take extended vacations.

PREACHING IN NYC. DEAR FATHER GOD; IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I pray that you FORGIVE US of all of our sins in the name of JESUS. I am asking you to bless & heal this precious soul right now of all sickness, disease, addictions. afflictions from the crown of our heads to the souls of our feet. Father I pray that you reach out and touch all of our unsaved loved ones family, friends. loved ones. WE need your power heal us Oh LORD I pray in The Mighty name of JESUS. Fill us with your ANOINTING POWER to overcome all of the Temptations and problems in our lives. Pour out your power to shower down upon us right now. Holy Spirit take hold of us lead and guild us into all TRUTH. We need yr spirit to strengthen us, change us. save us right now in the name of JESUS. We want to be ready for the RAPTURE, so prepared us and get us ready for your return. Pour out yr ANOINTING POWER upon us & change our hearts to receive this HEALING and I THANK you. praise you LORD for all that you are going to do. THANK YOU JESUS for SAVING, HEALING. DELIVERING me from all EVIL. In the name JESUS. And we will not fail to give you all the PRAISE, The HONOR. The GLORY, For it all belongs to you, in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth we pray, Amen! P.S. Pray this 3xs a day, until u see a change.

The ending was fantastic. AITA for not wanting to be in the delivery room when my girlfriend gives birth. >I want to brag about my players. Idk if this is a horror story or a game tale, since the events are pretty unsettling, but the RPing was amazing. I posted this on the server, but this story here. I elaborated a little more. x200B; The session before this one, the group was looking for a set of artefacts. Millennia ago they were stolen by barbarian tribes, and placed in sacred mounds for their religions to eventually grow around the magic that seeped into the areas, making them magi.

It looks like a reese duel cam sway controle will work with your set up way better than anything else on the market. see if they make a turdo brake kit for your engine i have one and it works an cheep, compared to banks or pak. if u want to fool with it. i have duel cam sway u can have if it works for you. To the morons who disliked this video. clearly you live a sad life.

Beautiful RV. You seem like you're well organized too. Thanks for sharing

RV and lifting in the same video, double win. I'm jealous. That was funny to watch. This thumbnail 😂 I thought she was a midget with a scarf around her neck. SuchASweeeetStoryIAmSoHappyICameAcrossYou~IAdoreYourChoiceOfMusic&SoooLovableYouAreAsIAdoreDancingToo😁😁😁💕💕💕💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃. Look for camper l dont have lot of money wont one fo family can spent tim tougher if there one some bont wont i wont my kids to spend more time with me thank you amen. What year is this trailer? How cold does it get during the Winter? Does it get too hot in the summer? I understand you did not take it for 12 months yet however you may have started traveling in between. Please advice. Most appreciated. And by the way, I think that was real awesome and sweet to allow the children to speak. They are so adorable, well manner and intelligent.

We have our own different ways of living our 1 and only life. Make the most out of it. God bless your journey. Just choose what's best for both of you. I want it please. New viewer. We love our trailer too, we have the same floor plan as well with 4 kids! Great way to travel. FEMA is SICK. My Mom was a wallpaper designer for MH/RV market & all FEMA units the trailer manufacturers would buy the cheapest materials just for these units. The wall coverings were laminated to plywood paneling because it was cheaper, lighter weight & easier to handle in production than Sheetrock. The cabinets are also laminated & floor coverings are petroleum based vinyl. they used as few windows and the smallest to pass government specs. It was meant to be temporary but there was no oversight or concern for air quality. The manufacturers had to bid & the bigger large volume companies got the contracts.

Bit of a long one here but I have kept the full story bottled up for a while now and I can feel it continue to eat away at me. I'll try to keep it short but I have to provide some background info to give the story context. My parents divorced when I was 9 years old (23 now. My mom took my older brother, me, and my younger brother with her and we moved out of my dads house. We would see him every other weekend, the typical setup. My mom told us all that he was abusive, that he was a drunk, he h. Like the best people all in ONE skit wtf.

So I became acquainted with this subreddit through CritCrab (NOTICE ME SEMPAI. and thought I might have a story to share. I must say that I generally don't hold a grudge against people, and though it might seem like I've got some spite in me for the DM, I'm mostly entertained more than anything. There's also a need to note that we are one extremely, heavily. obsessive* roleplaying group, and at times it might sound like we're total shit to each other, but I guarantee you, everyone's on boar.

If shotguns in MW couldn't be run as secondaries, this community would be complaining *a lot less. This is a post based on a [comment] nerf_is_now_live/f71pte7/ I made in another thread and it deserves a full discussion. TL;DR at the bottom, but I hope the body is worth a read. Overkill is the cause of insanely high.725 usage and will continue to be a problem throughout the game's lifespan. If Gunsmith has taught us anything.

Wonderful. Me and my wife going to do the same 😀

I have played Pokemon Shield for 45 hours now, have completed the main story, the post-game, and have over 200 pokemon caught in the pokedex. I have played every main series pokemon game since gen 1, as well as most of the off series games as well. I would consider pokemon to easily be in my top 5 favourite franchises of all time. Everything following is of course my personal opinion. I have marked late-game and post-game spoilers as, well, spoilers. I played through the game with the following. 👍Nice video. Just found your channel. Ill check it your other videos as well. 💞. Dear Elsa, if you can help give me any ideas or how to find a small similar camper like yours I'd greatly love it. Been planning this time in/of my life for a couple years health holdbacks involving knee surgeries but this is no longer going to hold me down. Yall are my kids age but the freedom of our choices to do as we see fit in life are priceless! I'm a wanderer in have been. But I'm learning to follow your travels/blogs among others to help in my journey and the perfect fit for me. Proud of your perseverance and happiness. Wish y'all the best with your travels. Peace. P.s. if any readers following you may have ideas for me how to find a used lil hut/ ya for it. Look forward to hearing responses and seeing where your next journey takes y'all.





For Dvdrip Watch Good Evening To The People Living In The camp rock. Of course you have these problems in a 19ft rv i am converting a 40ft bus. And HAPPY NoBAMA DAY 2 You. The government gave me a 2 million dollar apartment in Las Vegas with all utilities and food. After 10 years they refused to change out the carpet and upgrade my cable. They even reduced my cash from 3k a week to 1k a week. You can't survive on that.

I have always wanted to ask. How do you handle seatbelt and Carseat safety in an RV. The whole point of living in a RV is the travel, but I get why it would be bad.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it I can't wait 2017 I'm getting my van

Did I just hear 400 acres? In Arizona just 4 acres is about 225 k. Aww, happy camperr wives, you look so content and happy! I'm so happy for you. S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder, Dear. For Dvdrip Watch Good Evening To The People Living In The camp site. A reciprocal Planet Fitness membership is 21.99 per month. They have showers and toilets, and they're in almost every state in the country. YOU ARE INSANE MAN, A VIETNAM VET IN THE AUTO RV AND HQ ADJUSTING BUSINESS. Steve, is the worst actor ever. Wow fema trying to kill more people. No surprise there. Dont trust your government. Love your country and your people and fight against a government that wants us all dead. For Dvdrip Watch Good Evening To The People Living In The.

For Dvdrip Watch Good Evening To The People Living In the complete

For Dvdrip Watch Good Evening To The People Living In the vampire. Never go wrong with SILVER & BLACK. For dvdrip watch good evening to the people living in the campaign. SuchASweeeetStoryIAmSoHappyICameAcrossYou~IAdoreYourChoiceOfMusic&SoooLovableYouAreAsIAdoreDancingToo😁😁😁💕💕💕💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃. An unorthodox portrait of people who have dominated the news for years, but whom no one really seems to know: refugees. Artist and filmmaker Joost Conijn crept into a refugee camp and filmed them. He seems less interested in what has happened to them, and more in what they are doing, Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Joost Conijn Good evening to the people living in the camp, YouTube, Good Evening to the People Living in the Camp, IFFR. 'Good Evening Welcome to the People Living in the Camp' by Joost Conijn takes visitors to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen to deserted areas on the edge of Europe. On an old airfield, patrolled by military, Joost Conijn crawls through a hole in the fence, For more than a half century I have been setting up great camps. Most served as a comfortable home base while hunting Elk, Deer, and Moose in remote wilderness were packed in by mules. What Its Like Living In a Campground, My House Has Wheels, Good Camp.

As a doctor in Florida I have known the trailers make all my patients sick and I have told everybody I know never to buy a trailer home a little Puerto Rican doctor in West Palm Beach Florida can figure this out but our government can't baffles me. Our government is either the stupidest government on the planet or agenda 21 is in full swing. Did you guys fcuxk in the van. I would need scamp with bathroom. I'm very proud of you guys. For dvdrip watch good evening to the people living in the campground. For Dvdrip Watch Good Evening To The People Living In the vampire slayer. Wuz any forest cannabis culti-vated? Enquiring minEs like minD wanna kno👃. For Dvdrip Watch Good Evening To The People Living In the complete story.


Love it. My first trailer was this same floor plan. A 78 Terry with the beautiful orange and brown interior. Mine was original too. I purchased it in 98. Mine didn't have the front wardrobe or the TV shelf between the dinette and the sofa. Where the wardrobe is had a console table with two drawers with the water heater below. Mine did have the optional little swivel chair. The only changes I made were: I added a microwave over the refrigerator. My refrigerator was lower than yours with a cabinet above. There was just a breaker box behind a door with access to the shower drain, below the refrigerator. I added a high-rise single hole faucet. The two remaining holes in the sink were used for dish soap and hand soap dispensers. Had to put in new roller shades. Luckily mine had roller shades, synthetic sheer curtains with embroidered orange and yellow flowers, and the orange curtains. Between the roller shades and the synthetic sheers, the curtains, cushions, and walls were still like new. No sun damage. I added a pole floor to ceiling with added support from the back of the dinette for the TV mount to attach to. This allowed the TV to swivel from the couch to the dinette, removed the orange shag carpet, and added a little electric stove under the TV. I had to give away the swivel chair because it became too crowded. My dinette was all east - west. Your dinette might be longer which is why there is no chair. Unless I just couldn't see it. With the bed made there was maybe three feet of floor space to the back of the dinette pony wall. The aluminum roofs are great. I did have the entire roof sealed because (I don't know if this is the truth or not) the service guy said these aluminum will get pin holes over time. I know aluminum can erode over time if it isn't the right type. Whether or not the trailer had good quality aluminum or not, I didn't care. It looked better and added provided me with mental security knowing it wasn't going to leak. Aside from seals degrading that is. Anyhow there is a company that still reproduces all of the exterior fiberglass pieces (the four corner moldings, wheel archs, and the sidewall to roof radius transition pieces / sidewall bottom radius trims. Most of these had the fiberglass top and bottom radius pieces replaced with aluminum... Seeing this unit has no roof leaks visible, those were probably replaced years ago. You're going to want to pull the windows and frames, door, and all hatches to reapply a thick layer of butyl tape. Take your time and remove all the old putty and grease. Remove all the oily residue with alochol. Do one opening at a time to prevent the unit from shifting. Butyl tape alone should last many years without using any additional sealant. Do this on a warm day. After placing the window in push as evenly as possible around the frame. Use a 2x2 or 2x4 to hold brace the window so it does not move or fall out when you go inside to tighten the screw down. Don't tighten all the way. Get it snug and let sit overnight so the morning sun can heat the inside and outside ofthe trailer. This softens the putty so you can tighten down the screws to create nice seal. Remove excess while leaving a beveled edge all the way around the frame. Do the same for the entry door, all of the other windows, and hatches. These are painted very well. All you need is a good wash with dish soap (helps with buildup and contaminates) was and polish to remove remove the oxidation. The unit will shine nicely. There may be some of the graphics/decals on eBay. Dont bother trying to patch the exterior fiberglass pieces and moulding. Just order made to order ones. I saved a search for decals. Seven months later when someone listed NOS Terry front fiberglass awning name and stripe decals. The hubcaps will have either a crown or the more common four point star (similar to the old Lincoln logo) in the center. Again online searches. Once all spit polished and new hubcaps put on, you're sure to get a lot of attention at campgrounds. Cheers! I realize this as a few years ago. But hopefully this info helps someone else who has or is thinking of a vintage trailer.

I live in an RV its amazing and cheap especially while in college.


At 1:38 I wouldn't do that bet of 150, because instead, I would bet 5,000,000 against my self that I would die alone, and I'm only in my 20s and I know that about myself before hand for sure, ha...



Enjoyed meeting Wayne. Glad you are finding happiness.
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The dude knew what school she was in and that she had a Pre-Med degree. Would it be so hard to swing by the school and find her name from the graduating class photos? Suppose phoning the Police on her is more romantic. What's with the same night release? The police would keep her until she could see a JP, and that would not occur on a snowy night. Yep so romantic. lol.

Buying cheaply made toxic crap and reselling to the poor and unsuspecting? Or better yet, rent them out at 100/head and pack 10 ppl in them. It's the American way! Viva La Capitalism. What a nice young lady ! I did something similar with a cabin that I built and spend many days there during the summer months. Wait quick question: after he got out did they even give him back pay plus interest for basically show his whole life to the world without his consent? if not did he sue? a good sequel him looking for siliva and learning how to live in the REAL world.

Pro-tip : If stranded in a group, pair up with fattest person and share your rations with him. You will need his fat since lean meat can only sustain you for short periods of time. Very humble. Where did you buy this tiny stove. Looks great.


Great couple. Dogs are nice too. Lovely home, warm, cozy, beautiful colors





Good Evening to the People Living in the Camp (2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Good Evening to the People Living in the Camp, IFFR. Good night SMS, sweet dreams SMS, let the little stars convey your best wishes of night to your friends and loved ones. The Best Ways to Save Big Time on RV Camping Costs.


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