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Mylaine Hedreul; tomatometers 7 of 10; genres Drama; Score 2996 Vote; Lisa James Larsson

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Ego watch full length 2. Ego watch full length hair. After seeing the film, I can honestly say that it is worth seeing. How a guy can be so superficial and take such a long time before he realizes that he almost gives up on real love, and his music.
If you like romantic comedy, then this is a movie you should see. At least if you are a Swede. br> Acting was great. Camera-work was real good. same goes for music, script and editing. I even shared a tear.
See it and judge yourself as I can only say what I like and I loved it. its already on my "must buy" list.
-Kim. Ego watch full length video. Ego watch full length album. Ego Watch full length. Ego watch full length full.


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