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Release year: 2017; runtime: 5 m; Directors: Matt Blackburn

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Genre Comedy
Rating 443 Vote
writed by Ron Carlson, Terri Kauffman
resume Living for fun, shouldering no responsibilities and trolloping around in a drunken haze with any guy who'll have her, Cindy Wegman is trailer park trash through and through - so much so that when one of her kids' fathers dies and returns to herald the coming of three Christmas spirits to guide her towards redemption (ala Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'), she only gets the trashy sort she deserves

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Nikolina Kokunesovski. 22 votes. year: 2016. Runtime: 35 m. abstract: Three separate stories of young people targeted for human trafficking: Tamara, a girl who starts a relationship with a man who offers her attention and freedom from her empty life; Petar, who gets blackmailed after sending nude photos of himself to someone he thought was a girl online; Kaca, whose parents are financially struggling and suddenly offered a substantial amount of money for their daughter to go out of town for a period for a babysitting job

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Noelle Deschamps. release Year=2012. duration=1Hours 30min. Akiva Goldsman, John Boorman. directed by=Noelle Deschamps

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writer: Alton Claude. duration: 1 H, 28 Minute. genre: Action. Cast: Amelia B. abstract: Subspiral is a movie starring Marvin Baldwin Jr., Amelia B., and Kristy Butler. A young man must chose between fast money or the grind of a basic 9 to 5 in order to provide for an ailing mother and children

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directed by Nigel Edwards
Synopsis En route to an international competition, Closing The Gap follows the North Korean men's hockey team as they strive to bring home gold for Marshal Kim Jong Un. While their commitment and dedication to their training is unmatched, they're hard pressed to catch a break. Whether it be the UN sanctions on North Korea, or the flurry of injuries and rumours that plague the DPRK team, this film is a window into the lives of a group of underdog athletes. With the weight of their country's history and reputation on their shoulders, they struggle to seek that which we all seek - self-worth. Unlike any other film produced on North Korea, Closing The Gap is a lyrical composition which hybridizes elements of sport documentary (Last Chance U) with real-time, changing perspectives (White Helmets). The result is an honest portrayal of what these athletes feel and experience as they foray into the wider world beyond the DPRK. In what is the first recorded account of North Korea allowing foreigners access to any sports club, this intimate look reveals blissful subtleties of character from a regime not conducive to individuality

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  1. Demetrio Giacomelli
  2. country Italy
  3. story Diorama is a fresco in which urban scenes interpenetrate in one another, transfiguring the subjects, human beings and animals that populate them. The voice of the human being becomes the one of the animal, and the bodies of these latter the ones of human beings


writed by Miguel Alexandre, Stefan Vögel. cast Josef Hader, Hannah Hoekstra. Abstract Arthur travels to Amsterdam for the last journey in his life, but there he meets Claire and together, they start a trip through the night. Genre Comedy. 383 votes

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Drama Score 16 Votes Casts Kirsten Dunst 5,3 of 10 Stars Brief Six different stories about crooks, misfits, heroes and their determination to overcome the destiny. Stories about intolerance, despair, hopelessness, betrayal and the quite unpredictable

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directed by: Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth / tomatometer: 8,5 / 10 / rating: 55 Votes / Release Date: 2017 / USA

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Vetri Selvan is a movie starring Ajmal Ameer, Radhika Apte, and Mano. A murder investigation leads to prickly truths about the mentally ill

country: India

user Ratings: 5 / 10

Runtime: 2 Hour, 18 Min

Creator: Rudhran

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Release Year 2018 directed by Miguel Mouchess Nicole Ortega genre Documentary

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  1. genre Comedy
  2. tomatometers 4,2 / 10 star
  3. Alina Bulynko
  4. creator Irina Pivovarova, Renat Davletyarov
  5. country USA

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user Rating - 7,6 / 10 Stars. 2011. country - UK. Runtime - 2 h 0 Min

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release date=2017
Story=With the help of some Major League Baseball superstars, the FBI attempts to infiltrate a counterfeit ring that sprung up during the 1998 home run chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Using hidden cameras, under-cover agents and wire taps, the FBI believes they may have finally uncovered the world's greatest artist of forged signatures, which were used on memorabilia that were sold illegally nationwide, netting more than $100,000,000, the largest figure in U.S. history

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Writed by Chris Foster Country USA Genre Documentary Year 2017

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